We are interested in the biodiversity, evolution, and phylogeography of microbial eukaryotes in marine sediments, with an emphasis on free-living marine nematodes and deep-sea ecosystems. Our work aims to link taxonomy and high-throughput sequencing methods, using a combination of morphological and molecular approaches (marker gene amplicons, metagenomics, and targeted genome sequencing).

Our research stands at the interface between biology and computer science, using biological questions and evolutionary hypotheses to drive the development and refinement of –Omic approaches focused on microbial eukaryotes.

The Bik Lab is now n=2! We’re so happy to welcome Taruna Aggarwal to UC Riverside, who joined the lab in September 2016.

Taruna joins us from the University of New Hampshire, where she recently completed her Master’s degree in Genetics (with an emphasis on bioinformatics and genomics) under the guidance of Matt MacManes and Kirk Broders. She completed her BS in Genetics at the University of California-Davis in 2010 (carrying out research in the Kopp Lab focused on the genetic basis of Drosophila coloration), followed by a subsequent two year appointment as a high school science teacher in the Washington, DC Public School system.

At UC Riverside Taruna will be working as the resident bioinformagician and all-around research specialist, helping to set up computational pipelines and manage data analysis for a variety of ongoing projects. We’re very excited by Taruna’s genome assembly skills and her background in fungal biology, as well as her interdisciplinary research background that includes substantial wet lab expertise. Because we <3 PCR and you should too!

Posted 18 Oct 2016