18 Oct 2016

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the official Bik Lab website (and we hope you like it too)!

Our site is based on the amazing open source design templates developed by the labs of D. Allan Drummond and Trevor Bedford. We are forever indebted Allan and Trevor for allowing reuse of their codebase. As Jekyll newbies, we forked the Drummond lab repository and worked from these extensive templates (which were themselves originally derived from the Bedford lab template). We somehow cobbled together a functional lab website in the end, and learned A LOT about Jekyll and Sass stylesheets in the process (although admittidly the learning curve is still high - the lab motto is “trial by fire”, after all).

This website is deployed using GitHub Pages and the source code is available on GitHub. Please feel free to reuse this code (making sure to cite the Bedford lab and Drummond lab as the original sources of our derived/modified lab website template).

Many thanks to Taruna Aggarwal, bioinformagician in the Bik Lab who spearheaded the initial website setup and customization (and spent countless hours reverting commits and addressing many, many bug fixes).